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Thank you so much for your services. I LOVE THEM. My skin never looked or felt better! – Maria B.

Not until recently have I taken care of my skin. I disliked the hassle of most skin care systems. Living in a sunny climate my skin has paid the price. A friend introduced me to the dr. Jhoanny Pena and I was amazed with the results – My skin tone (brown spots) has dramatically improved, and my wrinkles are fading away!!! – Alicia C.


Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center Manhattan proudly boasts the world’s most innovative skin care product lines and lasers. Our lasers offer optimal wavelengths for:

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Medical Spa

At the Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center we offer a variety of top of the line skin care products, skin care and spa services designed to bring out the most exquisite you.


Weight loss and cellulite treatments

01 /
Skin preparation

Chemical-exfoliant peeling which prepares the skin for the following treatments, increasing permeability to aid the penetration of active substances to the deepest layers. It removes dead cells from the corneal layer of the epidermis, stimulating cell renewal.

02 / Intensive stage

This promotes lymphatic drainage, strengthening blood vessel walls and decreasing their permeability. It increases tissue oxygenation and facilitates removal of accumulated waste matter.

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03 / Boosting results

A refreshing mask with a powerful draining and venotonic effect, designed to complement the cellulishock® dynamic treatment in people affected by microcirculation dysfunction and fluid retention. Active substances: Escine: reduces swelling.

04 / Home Maintenance Trearment

6 microelectronic patches combined with a gel containing a high concentration of reducing and firming active ingredients. Each patch self-generates micro-impulses which enable penetration of the dermal layer by the active substances in the lipolytic gel through iontophoresis (electro-repulsion by charges with the same sign).