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We highly recommend that all of our appointments are booked online. Visit our SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT page.

We gladly appreciate if you can not make your appointment to kindly give us a call to cancel and you can reschedule your appointment at that time

Consultations are highly recommended if you seek professional advise from one of our specialist. We only accept consultations by appointments. We respect everyones time and attention. Visit our SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT page.

At the current moment we do not offer any membership packages. But we are working towards to providing packages in the near future

We usually start with four treatments in order to see how the skin will react.
It is depend on the skin type. However, some of the experience you may have are mild to moderate redness, inflammation, tightness, itching, dryness, and discoloration similar to a sunburn.
The majority of the peeling takes place between days three and four.
It is depend of the chemical peel type, but usually the skin feels a little tingly.
Chemical peels are good to tight pores, for wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, melasma, acne, stretch marks, and photoaging.
Yes, except for active acne.
Collagen Induction therapy, which is an exciting new natural treatment to improve your skin texture, smooth wrinkles, fine lines, photo damages, self tissue repair, and soften scars. The creation of tiny micro channels in the surface of the skin, assist in improving the effectiveness of environ products safely. we combine the Environ Ultimate Vitamin Therapy to give you optimal results.
Everybody is different. However, we recommend at least six treatments.
It is depend on the area you are treating. For the face is four weeks, for the upper body is six weeks, and for the lower body is eight weeks.
We use the Cynosure’s Elite Aesthetic, the most comprehensive laser hair removal system available today! That’s because its revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser, and the 1064-nm ND: YAG laser. In addition, the system is optimized for effective treatment of facial and leg veins, as well as benign epidermal pigmented lesions.

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