Laser Services

Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center uses only the latest technology in lasers to help you look and feel your personal best. We upgrade and maintain our lasers on a regular basis when new and better technologies develop. We offer a variety of cutting-edge laser treatments that are safe, quick, and easy for all skin ethnicities and skin types. You will feel assured knowing that all of the laser treatments at Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center in Manhattan are performed by an experienced Laser technician. In addition to our expertise, we spend time with you, listening to your aesthetic goals and set up a treatment plan personally designed for you.
We use the advanced Cynosure Elite Laser System, using Alexandrite 755 wavelength and YAG 1064 wavelength.

At Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center we upgrade our lasers often when innovative and enhanced lasers become obtainable. We also offer a variety of lasers making it possible to treat a broad range of skin types, including darker and tanned skin. Call today to set up your consultation to learn what options are best suited for your laser needs.


Cynosure Elite Laser System

This state-of-the-art system combines two wavelengths to create optimum results. With the ability to switch between different wavelengths, technicians can easily target different skin tones and hair types to achieve desired results.

Alexandrite 755 Wavelength

Safe and effective for all skin types, our Alexandrite laser emits a red beam of light that targets the pigment of hair. The heat from the laser is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment cells, in your hair, destroying them and resulting in permanent hair reduction.


YAG 1064 Wavelength

For those with dark or tanned skin, the YAG is the best choice. This high-powered laser is specifically designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, preventing burns and targeting the hair follicle.