Mesoestetic medical anti aging treatments

Salicylic Peel 20 or 30 %

Stage 1

Ages 25-30
Dull looking skin
Fine lines around the eyes
Uneven skin tone
Loss of hydration
Energy C professional treatment

High antioxidants Strengthen skin’s defenses
Promotes collagen & elastin production

Stage 2

Ages 30-40
Reduction in collagen & elastin production
Reduction in the epidermal structural elements
Thinning of skin resulting in loss of firmness & strength
Increase in depth of wrinkles
Collagen 360 professional treatment

Hydrates the skin

Plumps and smooth-ens fine lines & wrinkles
Amino acids increase collagen& elastin out put

Stage 3

Ages 40-50
Slowing of cellular renewal process
Deterioration of external epidermal layers
Environmental damage
First Peri-oral fine lines
Loss of hydration
Stem Cell professional treatment

Repairs damaged skin
High antioxidants strengthen skin’s defenses
Regenerates skin cells

Stage 4
Ages 55+
Loss of definition of facial contour
Thinning skin/increased skin fragility
Loss of elasticity/sagging skin
Hyperkeratinization of epidermis making it tough to the touch
Very deep wrinkles
Radiance DNA professional treatment

Optimizes cellular metabolic function
Thickens the skin,strengthening the skins defenses
Overall age reversal-resulting in lifted,tightened,toned,hydrated,plumped results.

The mesoéclat method is developed to soften the signs of both physiological and environmental aging. Active ingredients improve the overall appearance of the skin with an immediate glow effect. The mesoéclat method – consists of a series of 5 professional treatments, followed with home care maintenance. Completion of the entire series is recommended to achieve optimal results.”