Microdermabrasion is the concept of abrading the skin,or removing the upper layers for skin rejuvenation,dates as back as far as 1500 B.C when egyptian physicians used a type of sand paper to smooth scars. Since the development of microdermabrasion machines in 1985, it continues to be one of the top five most requested non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Over time, skin has a tendency to dull. Microdermabrasion resurfaces the top layers of the skin removing dull and and dark areas and tiny bumps. This smooth ens the surface and makes it more uniform to appearance. In addition to smoothing the skin, the service addresses a variety of skin conditions and signs of aging, and it helps improve acne, calluses,fine lines, hyper pigmentation ,scars,stretch marks, and wrinkles.

One major benefit of microdermabrasion is that it works on the majority of clients looking to improve their appearance. It is effective on all skin colors and types and it is appropriate for anyone of any age, male or female. Patients with mild acne can benefit from the manual exfoliation, which helps unclog pores and gets rid of the dirt and debris that can cause breakouts. Microdermabrasion s are perfect for anyone with a busy life style as it is a quick In-and-Out procedure with virtually no side effects and no downtime. Its an ideal ‘lunch hour’ treatment for those patients on the go.

However, there are a few clients for whom this service is not recommended, such as those who have a severe immune deficiency,diabetes,poor healing, active rosacea, or open acne lesions.Not just for the face, microdermabrasion can also be used on other parts of the body. Once a month for face or body microdermabrasion. It is a great complement to peels and great when used before ultrasound so that the skin is exfoliated,ensuring the dead skin cells are not a barrier, monthly treatments along with monthly hydrating facials.

Microdermabrasion can maximize the benefits of other treatments. Although microdermabrasion has been around for decades, it continues to evolve.

Manhattan Skin and Laser Treatment Center is pleased to offer the clearfx microdermabrasion technique (click here to learn more about the clearfx microdermabrasion system). The clearfx microdermabrasion system is a safe, non-surgical treatment with no down time that gently exfoliates dead surface layers of the skin to help improve the appearance of:


Acne Pigmentation

Sun-damaged skin

Age spots

Fine lines

Dull rough looking skin

Clogged pores and blackheads