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Common Misconceptions to Ignore About Laser Hair Removal


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Have you been considering laser hair removal to rid your body of unwanted hair? If so, read on to get rid of common misconceptions surrounding the various treatments.

Misconception #1 – Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Work

Many people hesitate to commit to laser hair removal because they are worried that they won’t see the kind of results they want. You might have heard rumors about people whose hair grew back after receiving treatments and are now worried that it won’t work for you. Fortunately, this common misconception holds no weight as long as you see a trained professional who uses state of the art equipment to perform the treatments. With professional-grade lasers and trained staff, results have been proven time and time again. Before your first treatment, you will have a consultation to examine the area, your skin type, and the pigment in your hair. This will allow your dedicated medical professional to help give you more specifics for what you can expect from your treatments.

Misconception #2 – It Is Extremely Painful and Expensive

Another common misconception that leaves people nervous about laser hair removal in NYC is that the process is both painful and expensive. Fortunately, neither is true.

First, the treatments shouldn’t be painful. While some people experience some discomfort associated with the treatments, numbing creams are available for those with extremely sensitive skin. Others find that an over the counter pain reliever can help. Most people, however, don’t experience any discomfort at all and require no intervention whatsoever.

Second, a free consultation allows you to explore your options and price points with your laser hair removal. Some people can get away with fewer treatments, and different body areas have different costs. Payment plans can also be an option, and laser hair removal is now more affordable than ever.

Misconception #3 – One Treatment Is All You Need

In most cases, you’ll see the most success if you receive multiple treatments on the same area. Since not all of your hair grows at once, you need to target the follicles as the different “waves” of hair start to grow. Spread out four to six weeks apart, this targets the hairs at the optimal time in their growth cycles and removes them most effectively.

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Misconception #4 – At-Home Laser Hair Removal Is Just as Effective

With a huge variety of at-home laser hair removal options available on the market, some people think that going into a treatment center and receiving professional treatments is a waste. However, not all lasers are created equal. You’ll never see professional results from non-professional machinery, and if you want the most thorough hair removal, you’ll only get it from a qualified treatment center.

Misconception #5 – It Will Leave Scarring

Another huge benefit of being treated by a professional is that you’ll be dealing with someone with expertise and training that will keep you from scarring, skin damage, or other potential negatives that can come from working with lasers. This is a big reason for the initial consultation appointment, in addition to allowing you to ask questions and explore all of your options. For safe and effective laser hair removal in NYC, set up an appointment at Manhattan Skin & Laser Center today!