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Demystifying the Common Misconceptions about Lip Injections


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Lip injections are only increasing in popularity. However, with a practically infinite amount of successful procedures, they can still be seen as having a bad rap. It seems that all it takes are a few famously poor lip injections involving major celebrities to cast aspersions on an otherwise harmless procedure. Let’s face it, people like to look at disastrously bad lip injections online, and those are precisely the images that are most likely to get passed around. In an effort to put lip injections in the proper context, here are a few misconceptions that are worth dispelling.

Lip Injections “Stretch Out” Lips

This is completely made up. The primary ingredient in lip injections is hyaluronic acid. This is a natural chemical that occurs in the body to facilitate lubrication in joints. It has the effect of increasing the collagen synthesis, thickening the dermis layer, and preventing wrinkling. It is completely natural and has no impact in “stretching out” lips or anything else.

It Fades Quickly or Isn’t Reversible

It’s funny that both myths can exist at once, but here we are. Lip injections usually last for a minimum of 6 months, but they can last for as long as 18 months. No matter what you might read on the internet, the procedure is never permanent. For instance, if you’re not content to wait until the product dissolves on its own, there are procedures available that can accelerate the process. Whether you’re concerned or not, you’ll never have to worry about the procedure because the results will fade over time.

They Can Cause Scars or Cold Sores

In a lip injection procedure, a single-use needle injects the lips. There has never been a reported case of scarring, nor has there ever been a cold sore caused by the procedure. If a patient has a history of cold sores, a cold sore may result, however a prescription of antiviral medications can reduce the risk of an outbreak.

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Lip Injections Are Only for Old People

Lip injections aren’t merely to counteract the effects of aging. If you’re over 21 and wish to have fuller lips, you can receive injections. Given the fact that collagen stimulation has been seen to have a preventative effect on wrinkles, it’s actually beneficial to have injections earlier in life to counteract the impact of aging later on. It’s for these reasons that the current spike in the popularity of lip injections is taking place among men and women between the ages of 20 and 30.

They Look Unnatural

Again, horrible online phots have harmed the reputation of lip injections. The fact is, properly administered lip injections are barely noticeable to the average onlooker. If you get your lip injections done by a proper med spa in NYC, you can rest assured that your lips will look full, healthy, and completely natural.

When you’re considering getting a lip injection from a medical spa in NYC that will result in fuller, more attractive lips, contact the professionals at Manhattan Skin & Laser Center. There’s no reason to worry about a process that is completely natural. Call Manhattan Skin & Laser Center today!