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Top Considerations before Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift


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Quickly gaining in popularity, the Brazilian butt lift is becoming one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedures. Having the butt of your dreams is just a few short trips to the doctor’s office away. But it’s not as simple as calling a cosmetic surgeon and setting up an appointment; there are a few things you will need to consider before getting a butt lift. Keep reading to learn more about these essential considerations.

Standard vs. Brazilian

First, you should learn the difference between a standard butt life and the Brazilian butt lift in NYC. During standard butt lift surgery, a large amount of skin is removed from the buttocks. The procedure is not designed to remove fat. The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure where the patient’s fat is taken from their stomach or thighs and injected into the buttock to enhance its shape and volume. Before choosing the type of procedure you want, think about your preferred amount of skin and fat. You should also talk to a cosmetic surgeon to determine which one is right for you.

Reasons to Choose Brazilian

Though this procedure is not right for everyone, it can do a lot of good for those who want or need butt reshaping. The Brazilian butt lift can help to adjust flat, asymmetrical, and sagging buttocks. Following the procedure, you will have the plump, sensual buttock that you have always wanted.

There are also health benefits to choosing the Brazilian butt lift over the standard one. It can provide longer-lasting results, thanks to the state-of-the-art surgical techniques used. There is also a decreased risk of developing an infection, since the procedure is completed without the use of artificial implants. Instead, liposuction is used to remove fat from unwanted areas like the hips and stomach. Then, the fat is filled into the buttocks to provide the desired look.

Pre-Surgery Preparations

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with instructions of exactly what you can and cannot do in the weeks leading up to your procedure. In general, you should refrain from taking any blood thinners or smoking for about a month before the Brazilian butt lift. Keep in mind, too, that you will need to remain mostly stationary for about a month following the procedure. Make any necessary arrangements ahead of time so you do not interrupt the recovery process.

Doctor marking buttock for surgery


If it is performed properly, the Brazilian butt lift will take two to three and a half hours to complete; the exact length of the surgery will depend on how much fat the surgeons must extract, and how much you want to alter the size of your buttocks.


Following your procedure, you will not be able to sit directly on your buttocks for six weeks. You will also need to follow a strict compression garment schedule for the first few weeks after the surgery. However, there is no need to worry about scarring after your Brazilian butt lift. Any incisions made during the surgery will be small, measuring between one and two millimeters in length. Usually, they heal very well and don’t result in serious scarring. If you are worried about scars, there are creams that can reduce the appearance of them.

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