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5 Surprising Facts You Should Know about Botox


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Most people have heard of Botox by this point, although the opinions of it may vary. Some people might think it’s odd to inject a substance into their faces. While they’re misled, you can understand their anxiety. However, to those who’ve tried Botox, the benefits are virtually endless. A brighter, younger, and tighter appearance; extra confidence; and so much more.

If you’ve never tried Botox injections at one of your local medical spas, then you need to turn your suspicions around. There’s plenty that you may not know about Botox. Here are some facts that many people would be surprised to learn. Take this information with you before you decide how you feel about Botox injections.

Its Discovery Is Strange

Botox is the commercially branded name for a neurotoxin called botulinum. It was discovered by a German scientist named Justinus Kerner, who was attempting to get to the root of a rash of food poisonings linked to sausages in the country. He discovered the neurotoxin botulinum was behind the illnesses.

And that was how Botox’s neurotoxin was discovered. While it’s a neurotoxin, this doesn’t mean that it’s poison or that it kills tissue in your body. Botox is incredibly dangerous if eaten, but it has some temporarily helpful side effects if injected by a professional at a medical spa center.

It Was Almost Involved in WWII

Once the toxin was discovered, a few people attempted to do harm with botulinum, including the US government. The military was researching biological warfare methods during World War II, and discovered the dangerous effects of the Botox neurotoxin. The military even developed capsules that could be used to poison the drinks of certain enemy military officers. However, the plan never went into effect.

It Treats Excessive Sweating

Botox does more than treat fine lines and wrinkles in your face. It can actually help reduce the effects of over-sweating. How does it work? Specialists at Med spas can inject Botox into your skin to block the communication between sweat glands and nerves, cutting off the sweat response in areas like your underarms that may be prone to excessive sweating.

Man Gets Botox

It May Treat Depression

Believe it or not, Botox can actually help treat depression, and not just by raising your confidence in how you look and feel. Because Botox relaxes your facial muscles, cutting off signals between your facial muscles and brain, it also blocks the mental effects of facial expressions. Making sad expressions can actually put a damper on your mood, so blocking the communication between facial muscles and the brain can prevent making sad expressions from causing a feeling of depression.

It May Treat Chronic Pain

Botox relaxes muscles and interrupts nerve feedback, which is handy if you’re dealing with chronic pain in certain areas of your body. While you should certainly talk to a doctor about this before pursuing Botox as a treatment for chronic pain, it’s helpful to know that this is a possible solution. Rather than relying on pain medications, you may simply be able to rely on occasional injections of Botox at medical spas to block the pain response altogether.

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