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Common Myths about Brazilian Butt Lift Busted


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It’s one of the most in-demand procedures in all of cosmetic surgery, probably because it’s so effective and the results are so amazing. You might not be able to see the results, but everyone else around you sure will. If you want the right people to notice the difference a lifted bottom makes, including a more fit-looking physique and more attractive silhouette, not to mention the confidence it gives you, consider Brazilian butt lift surgery.

There are many varieties of butt lifts, but what makes the Brazilian variety different? Why has it been imported and popularized all the way over here in the United States? That’s because of the unique benefits of this alternative surgery.

Do you want to know more about Brazilian butt lifts? Read on to learn some popular myths and truth that you should know before you consider this procedure.

Myth: Everyone Will Know It’s Fake

If you go to the right surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift will look and feel completely real. One of the top reasons this butt lift offers more natural results is the fact that it uses real fatty tissue, rather than artificial implants. The fat tissue is taken from other fat storage in another part of your body, helping you slim down at the same time! Natural fat transferred to the buttocks region will lend a natural look and feel to it. It will move naturally as you walk, feel natural when you sit down, and will look like a naturally gifted part of your own body.

Myth: Butt Lifts Are Only for Size Increases

A butt lift doesn’t just increase the size of your buttocks. In fact, you don’t have to be dissatisfied with the size of your buttocks at all. The focus of this procedure can be to lift and shape your buttocks. Large, flabby, or drooping buttocks are just as unappealing as having none at all. A skilled plastic surgeon can improve the shape of your buttocks with unique fat sculpting techniques. But they can enlarge it too, if you’d like.

Doctor and Patient

Myth: This Surgery Isn’t for Thin People

Fat from areas besides your stomach can be used and transferred to the buttocks region. In fact, naturally thin people are some of the most demanding when it comes to the results they want from a butt lift! They want to turn a flat or unshapely bum into a better-sculpted procedure. The only way to know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure is to visit a plastic surgeon in NYC today. Even if you don’t qualify for the fat transfer process, you can still request implants from another source.

Now that the myths about Brazilian butt lifts have been busted, you may want to learn even more about the procedure. How much does it cost, what does the procedure entail, and can you customize the effect you want from the surgery? All of these questions and more are answered at Manhattan Skin & Laser Center offers the best Brazilian butt lift in NYC for men, women, young, old, thin, curvy, and more.