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Things You Should Know about Full Body Hair Removal


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Stubborn body hair can be a pain to remove. Day after day of plucking, shaving, waxing, or pulling hair can get irritating or even time-consuming. But there is some body hair that you just have to live without. For women, body hair can show up in areas like your upper lip or underarms that can make you feel more masculine.

What can you do about all of this unwanted hair? One of the best methods of full body hair removal that actually works is laser hair removal. This popular technique is taking over because, unlike waxing or shaving, the best laser hair removal centers can actually help you remove hair and keep it from growing back! Imagine never having to pluck or shave unwanted hairs again!

If you’re interested in laser full body hair removal, read on to learn more about this practice, find out if it may be for you, and learn where to go for safe and effective laser hair removal.

How It Works

There are a variety of laser hair removal techniques. Each one uses a different form of light technology to generate heated lasers, concentrated heat that can eliminate unwanted hair. When safe lasers are pointed at the skin, a broad spectrum of light is focused on hair. Dark follicles absorb the heat and are destroyed. The technique is effective on hair across the entire body.

Who It Serves Best

Laser hair removal has been found to be most effective on people with lighter skin and darker hair. This is because the contrast between skin and hair color improves the effectiveness of laser technology. However, some laser techniques are effective on people with naturally light hair or darker skin. Find a laser hair removal center that uses sophisticated light technology that can be adjusted to serve any client, no matter their skin or hair color, for effective hair removal.

Facial Hair Removal

It’s Relatively Pain Free

Don’t worry: laser hair removal is less painful than you’d expect. You may feel warmth or itchiness, but it’s slight, and because the process is fast, you’ll hardly feel a thing. Compare this to waxing or threading for hair removal, which are both extremely painful. It takes a few appointments for hair to stop growing back permanently, but with how quick and painless the process is, you won’t mind at all.

Side Effects Are Mild

There are rare side effects of laser hair removal treatments. The most common is redness, but this goes away fairly quickly. It may not be best to undergo laser facial hair removal right before an important event because your face may be slightly red.

Preparation Is Easy

Preparing for your first laser hair removal appointment is easy. You should shave a few days beforehand and stop using topical lotions and makeup 24 hours before your appointment. Avoid tanning in the week or so leading up to your appointment and avoid certain topical medications with a doctor’s approval.

Go to a True Expert

The safest and most effective way to get laser hair removal is from a trained expert. Forget going to an ordinary spa or salon. Get full body laser hair removal in NYC from the medical experts at Manhattan Skin & Laser Centers.