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Eyebrow Shaping – We Shape Your Brows the Right Way


Eyebrow Shaping in NYC

Eyebrow shaping, as the name suggests, is a specialized form of personal grooming. It involves plucking and trimming the eyebrow hairs to get the desired shape. At Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, we offer the best eyebrow shaping in NYC to take your appearance to the next level. We understand the importance of having a well-groomed brow line as it creates a subtle difference and eventually affects the entire face’s overall appearance.

Finding the Right Shape for Your Brows

The golden rule for brow shape suggests shaping against the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a long face, you should go for a low-lying arch and conventional, stretched out brows to add perfect width to your face.

At Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, we use eyebrow shaping in NYC to determine the best eyebrow for your shape. Our experts mainly take cues from the natural contours of the brow line and help get the best outcomes.

  • Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Faces

For people with a round face, where the length and width are almost the same, it is better to opt for a high arch. This will help to open up the face.

  • Best Eyebrow Shape for Long faces

Some people have a face length that is double the width. Straight and low-lying arch-shaped brows will break the long face shape and add width.

  • Best Eyebrow Shape for Oval Shaped Faces

Oval faces are usually symmetrical; thus, sticking with a slight arch is better. We also ensure that the brows start as well as end on the same level. Usually, oval face shapes are very well balanced, and there is no need to play with the brow shape to manipulate the shape of the face. We suggest our clients to stick to soft angles and natural brows.

Safe and Advanced

At Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, we follow safe and advanced techniques for eyebrow shaping in NYC and help in getting desired results. We also ensure that the hair follicles are not damaged while eyebrow shaping, and the results look fabulous. Our eyebrow shaping in NUV consists of waxing as well as tweezing. We also use natural, tree resin-based and low temperature to remove the hair.


Once you are done with eyebrow shaping, do not touch the brows in between brow shaping. In order to make sure that the eyebrows stay well on track, you may also need to come for another session 4-6 weeks later. We also advise using peptide-based eyebrow serum to boost the growth of new hairs.

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