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Get Eyebrow Tattoo in NYC Like Never Before


Eyebrow Tattoo – Get Natural, Fuller and Defined Brows

Do you feel that eyebrow tattooing has become a nightmare for you? Are you tired of filling up your eyebrows with pencils every morning? Do you fear and avoid going to the pool, so your brows do not get ruined? If your answers are positive for these, it’s high time to book an appointment with Manhattan Skin and Laser Center to get an eyebrow tattoo in NYC.

What Exactly Is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo is similar to other conventional tattoos. The only difference is that the artists doing eyebrow tattoos in NYC completed the eyebrow shape using a shallowed dept compared to tattoos made on the body. This means that the pigments penetrate the surface of the dermis layer of skin.

Eyebrow tattoos in NYC make the eyebrows look fuller and thicker. Eyebrow tattoos gradually droop with skin ageing, and the person needs a touch-up session after 4-6 weeks of the procedure.

Why Should You Get Eyebrow Tattoo?

  • Eyebrow tattoos offered at Manhattan Skin and Laser Center ensure that the brows get fuller and more defined with natural-looking traits.
  • Eyebrow tattoos make you look good round the clock – you wake up with makeup.
  • It saves a lot of time to get ready. Thus it improves lifestyle.
  • Useful for people with the problem of hair loss or loss of pigment due to chemotherapy, alopecia, thyroid disease, injury or any age-related changes.
  • Eyebrow tattoos also work effectively for those who are allergic to cosmetics.
  • Works great for asymmetrical features.

Get in touch with our experts to get eyebrow tattoos in NYC with precision and outstanding aesthetic results.

How It Is Done?

You cannot expect an eyebrow tattoo to complete in one or two sessions. You need to appear for multiple sessions. But once done, you will have flick eyebrows that will look amazing and make you feel ready always. Let’s have a look at the overall process of what entails getting an eyebrow tattoo in NYC.

  • Eyebrow Consultation

Here, you will have our eyebrow tattoo experts discuss the process and your expectations to ensure that both of you are on the same face. During the consultation, you will be explained how the process will work, the healing process, and how long will it take to get the final results. Usually, the time for the final result varies from person to person.

  • Eyebrow Drawing

In this step, the artist will draw the final share of the eyebrow surrounding the actual one. The lines drawn will help you understand and see how the final result will look.

  • Eyebrow Tattoo

This is the most important step where the artist will execute the tattoo using ink. You will have the numbing session before having the tattoo. This will directly impact the final result and will be more precise.

The process usually takes 1.30-2 hours. Once the tattoo is done, the artist will do a touch-up. This is done usually after one month as eyebrow tattoo tends to lose it colour and vibrance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts at Manhattan Skin and Laser Center to get an eyebrow tattoo in NYC and be ready 24×7.

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