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Ombre Tattoo in NYC – Wake Up With the Perfect Pair of Eyebrows


Ombre Tattoo in NYC

Like a traditional tattoo, Ombre tattoos in NYC, also known as powder brows, are done with the help of a machine. However, unlike traditional tattooing, the pigment is mainly placed superficially to create a powder and soft look. This lets the person have a stronger looking brow, and everyone loves flaunting a power brow. Aren’t you?

The process of making an Ombre tattoo in NYC involves the application of several minuscule marks of pigment injected into the skin. This tends to build up the colour gradually and brings a defined shape.

The Upside

Ombre tattoo in NYC, offered by Manhattan Skin and Laser Center, uses the approach of traditional tattooing and helps get long-lasting results. Ombre tattoos work effectively with most skin types, no matter whether it is a combination or oily skin tone. People getting this needs to get back for colour boosts closer to 12–18-month mark. The eyebrows look fuller and more defined when Ombre tattoos are made with the hair stroke method.

The technique used for the Ombre tattoo in NYC imitates the effect one gets when she uses a brow powder or pencil. It also offers a “blocked in” appearance as the pigment is applied using a machine. Overall, Ombre brows ads deepness, definition and results in a more “made up” look.

Benefits of Ombre Tattoos

  • The eyebrows look more defined, fuller and dramatic as well
  • The results last longer than any other cosmetic treatment and last up to 5 years
  • The treatment works great for any given skin type, unlike certain methods that are not effective for oily skin
  • The process is less painful and less invasive as compared to any other options available


  • It is advised not to work out or sweat a lot initially after the treatment as it may distort the healing process
  • Even if you feel it, don’t touch or peel off the scabs, as they tend to shed their own
  • Always stay away from exposure to direct sunlight
  • Do not put or use any makeup around the brows at least for the first 12-14 days
  • Do not get for any other facial treatment during the healing process
  • Washing brows and getting hot showers for a long time is a big NO!

So, if you dream of having that looks more natural, defined and fuller, it’s time to get an appointment at Manhattan Skin and Laser Center for Ombre tattoo in NYC.

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