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The BodyFX treatment is a laser procedure that is specifically designed to target problematic fatty tissue. It works by directly concentrating its laser energy into accumulated fat cells and breaking them down from the inside-out.
The BodyFX is a perfect complement to other fat loss procedures and diet & exercise. Its primary benefit is to contour the body, and shape areas of the body that other means of weight loss simply cannot benefit.


  • Radio-Frequency Emission; provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and body shaping
  • Using what’s called “Negative Pressure Massage” applies a gentle vacuum pressure allowing for treatment to reach depths other procedures can’t.
  • Stimulates a process called Apoptosis (the programmed cellular-death of fat cells and collagen synthesis (creation). Fat cells starts to die on their own even after treatment, and new collagen is produced; giving you smooth, supple, fresh skin!

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