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Are you struggling with pigmented lesions? These discolored and oddly textured concentrations of melanin are extremely common. In fact, nearly everyone on earth has a pigmented lesion. Caused by sun exposure, aging, or developed at birth, pigmented lesions can interfere with your confidence, especially if they’re large or in a conspicuous area.

However, pigmented lesions can also be an early sign of skin cancer. They usually look like brown spots, broken veins, or other age spots. And while they may seem permanent, they’re actually treatable with laser systems. Advanced fluorescent technology, or AFT treatments, use broadband light to heat and eliminate defected skin, which your body then replaces with fresh, clean, and healthy-looking skin. AFTs also work as laser skin treatments for wrinkles for the same reason. The visible light pulses shatter unwanted cells and your body renews itself. Manhattan Skin & Laser Center is proud to offer these photofacial treatments.


Products like Alma Lasers’ Harmony®XL are popular treatments for pigmented lesions because they’re gentle, require little preparation, and include no recovery time. You can’t say that about plastic surgery treatments. In just a single, short appointment, you can have smoother, younger-looking skin.

Remember, AFT treatments aren’t surgical, so you won’t look like you’ve had work done. Innovative technology, such as the AFT 540 VP handpiece, release concentrated light at unique wavelength and pulse width capabilities, which effectively remove pigmented lesions on all skin types.


AFT represents a new stage in the cosmetic treatment of skin flaws, including pigmented lesions. They rely on short-wavelength light, filtered and focused to increase light emission, as well as skin penetration. These newer AFT devices offer safer treatments that provide superior results. Even more fascinating is the equally distributed fluence, which stabilizes energy density and makes it uniform, so AFT results can be executed and repeated safely. That means ideal clinical improvements with less discomfort and skin damage.

Call Manhattan Skin and Laser Med Spa today to learn more and find out if you’re a good candidate for our photofacial treatments.

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