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Medical Tattoo Camouflage



Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage & Scar Camouflage is a paramedical aesthetic technique using a meticulous tattooing method with custom proprietary flesh tone pigments. This technique is intended to create a pigment illusion in order to disguise the area that is affected.

Tattooing has been considered an exceptional piece of art for many years now. With significant advancements in the cosmetic industry, the advantages of tattooing have gone increasingly popular to correct as well as conceal the appearance of scars, starch marks and even hair thinning.

Scar or starch mark camouflage tattoo in NYC has become one of the best remedies to eliminate wasted time and money applying makeup every day to have permanent makeup. In case you experience similar concerns, we at Manhattan Skin and Laser Center can help you with the best makeup look.


What type of scars and stretch marks can be camouflaged?

Keep in mind that we are not removing the imperfection, stretch mark or scar camouflage tattoo in NYC helps to conceal the area to make it less noticeable. The most common areas performed are healed scars from past injury, surgery, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and stretch marks.

Is it painful?

Depending on the area, a topical anesthetic may be applied to lightly numb the area in order to make stretch marks or scar camouflage tattoos comfortable. Most Clients report that scar removal in NYC is painless, some have commented that “it actually tickles”, “it feels like a gentle scratching”, or “it’s not as bad as a tattoo”.

How long is the downtime?

Scar removal in NYC through stretch marks or scar camouflage tattoo is a noninvasive procedure similar to a tattoo. Therefore, there is little to no downtime and most Clients can resume work in the same day or the next day.

However, aftercare is extremely important so we recommend that you take the day off to relax and avoid touching the area for the best results.

How long does it take?

On average, a session for stretch mark or scar camouflage tattoo is 1-3 hours depending on the area. Please book a free 15 minute consultation to determine if you’re a candidate and to obtain a quote.

What to expect before and after treatment

Bring a pillow and loose comfortable clothing! Consultation and consent forms will be reviewed and established during your consultation. The area will be evaluated to determine if you’re a candidate. As a client, we will assess your skin tone and perform a custom pigment formula to match. Medical pigment camouflaging is an unpredictable process; therefore, this color spot test is crucial. As with cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup, the final healed color may be different from when the pigment was initially applied. The area treated will be red, raised, and inflamed immediately after the procedure and may take a few days to subside but this is normal and to be expected. Minor itchiness can be relieved by rubbing aquaphor on the area.


Clean the area where the stretch mark or scar camouflage tattoo is made with a natural cleanser such as Dr. Bronner’s and keep it protected with Aquaphor spray/ointment. We will wrap the area after the procedure, it is important to remove the wrap and keep the area open to air after 2 hours. Keep your hands clean and avoid touching the area. Avoid using harsh soaps, creams, fragrances and lotions. Avoid active sun exposure, excessive sweating, swimming, massage for the best outcome. Complete aftercare instructions will be provided during your visit.

Whether it is stretch marks, scar camouflage tattoos, or scar removal, we at Manhattan Skin and Laser Center ensure that the procedures are safe and precise. We offer personalized aftercare instructions on how to clean the tattoo, guidelines for bathing, skincare and most importantly use of prescribed topical ointments.

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